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It is a must for employers to do criminal history background check before hiring the individuals.  Nowadays, the employers prefer to be in the safe side and they don’t want to see any criminal activity, or violence or theft at the work place. If an employee is hired without a criminal history check and thereafter, he commits a crime, then the employer can be sued, if the employee is proved to possess a criminal history before.

Certain information is needed to complete the criminal history background check. The Social Security number is needed for completing the accurate check. The date of birth is normally not shared by the hiring unit at the time of the process of hiring but with a consent form just to confirm the identity for completing an accurate check then the date of birth can be shared. Some of the job positions are defined to be security and safety sensitive positions. Some employees handle minor children who are not enrolled as students but for a summer camp or child care program. Some of the employees directly handle funds or cash of the universities. For selecting the finalists you don’t need a criminal history check but finger print check is needed. If the employee has a finger print clearance card or a national security clearance then there is no need for a criminal history background check.

The organizations who are going to employ the prospective employees or volunteers who are going to handle minor children, the elderly and the disabled should go for a criminal history check so that they can screen out the fraud cases.

Statistics show that an average of 11% of the criminal searches reveal that the prospective applicant or employee has a criminal record. The criminal record searches should not be unfair or partial. Any individual with a criminal history should be given patient and fair hearing. The finger print card is the only sure method of checking for records. No one can change the fingerprint marks, whereas names and fraudulent identities documents can be made.

Criminal history check is a check against criminal arrests and conviction records in the state. It includes serious crime such as murder and misdemeanors. Criminal history checks are completed within ten business days. The cost of the criminal check without finger print is more when compared to the check with fingerprints. Criminal check can be made by a person voluntarily by himself and then he can submit the record to the employer who needs the information. In this case, a fee, a finger print card with a preprinted waiver form on the reverse side is needed. Be cautious while selecting an aspiring employee and take time to check his criminal background before selecting the candidate.

Don’t think about the fee because what maybe given to you free of cost may not suit your needs or may not be accurate.

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