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Run A Background Check:


Millions of Searches Performed this year

A nanny has become a vital necessity for so many couples around the world to manage their baby when they are away at work and sometimes, even when they are around. The nanny looks after the baby and does all the duties that need to be performed such as feeding, playing with the baby, bathing, clothing, putting the baby to sleep, etc.


Plagued by knowledge of many atrocities faced by children from their nannies has made it very mandatory for any parent to run a thorough comprehensive background check on the person they intend to hire as a nanny for their child.


The background checks can be undertaken by the parents themselves or they can fall upon some accredited agencies to run a comprehensive background check for them. These comprehensive background checks are intended to verify whether all the information provided by the person about their history is true or not.


Before running a comprehensive background check, it is essential for the person who is being considered for the post of the nanny to sign a written release according to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA) guidelines that enable the agency to run the check.


Once the parents of the child obtain the signed release that enables the comprehensive background check and the history of the person, the agency will then contact the references provided by the person to check on the employment and personal history of the person.


Once such details are ascertained from the references, further comprehensive checks on background is conducted by using details such as Social Security Number, Driving Motor Vehicle records, Criminal Records check, Sex offender registers, Credit history checks, etc.


The social security number of the person helps in ascertaining whether the person was residing in the places that were mentioned in the history. It also helps in cross referencing for checking the criminal records in those states during those particular periods.


A check on Driving Motor Vehicle records will help ascertain whether the person was involved in any accidents or were booked for traffic misdemeanors such as rash or negligent driving or for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is very useful information as the nanny might be required to drive a vehicle to take the child out and such reports will identify the care taken by the person while driving.


The criminal records maintained by the states are then checked to ascertain whether the person has been booked for any crime. These are usually undertaken at the county level and are done taking into consideration the various places in which the person resided through out their lives.


Run A Background Check:


Millions of Searches Performed this year