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Millions of Searches Performed this year

The United States of America is a not just a country for many people across the world, it is a dream. Lots and lots of people want to move to The United States and settle there. This may be just for a job or to settle down there permanently. Many people just go there for holidays and seeing the life and lifestyle of the Unites States decide to settle down there at some point in their lives.


A lot of people are thus coming into the US. Some with genuine reasons like jobs, money, citizenship etc. Then on the other side there are those who come for negative reasons like spreading crime, terrorism etc. As n American life is beautiful at the same time you are a constant threat.


To ensure the safety of the United States citizens, The United States Citizen and Immigration services run immigration background check ups on all candidates applying for immigration services.


These immigration background checks ensure that the person who is coming into the country is not someone with a mischievous past. If the candidate has a criminal history, he may be rejected. A careful look at the background is done before anybody is granted a safe passage into the country.


These immigration checks include a complete background check of the person and all the details provided by them. The check starts with checking their names, date of birth, address etc. A careful look is then given to his financial details, reason for immigration, physical identity, identification marks, passport, driving license, medical history etc.


After all this is verified a more detail check is done by checking their finger prints etc. A check is conducted on the work history of the applicant. At times even calls to their ex-employers are placed to confirm the validity of all the information provided by them.


After a multi level check on the candidate, he is called for an interview. This interview is also a part of the immigration background check. Only if you clear this interview will you get you visa to enter the United States.


The questions asked in this interview have been framed after careful thought. If you are to clear the interview all the details you provided must be true. The questions are asked in such a manner as to test whether you are speaking the truth.


With a full proof immigration background check completed by you, you are all set to immigrate to any country or location of your choice.


Run A Background Check:


Millions of Searches Performed this year